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Egypt Yesterday and Today, Between Tradition and Modernity

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ISBN: 978-83-948004-9-9
Description: hardback, 136 pp. (25,5x18cm), figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 510g.

Egypt Yesterday and Today, Between Tradition and Modernity, ed. by K. Myśliwiec, K. Pachniak, K. Nabozna, E. Wolny-Abouelwafa, IKSiO PAN, Katedra Arabistyki i Islamistyki UW, Warsaw 2019

Karol Mysliwiec
Nobility Marrying Divinity in Pharaonic Egypt
Anna Kucz, Edyta Gryksa
General Remarks on Egypt in Herodotus’ Histories
Anetta Lyzwa-Piber
Basketry Finds from the House of the Qurashi Family (Bayt al-Qurashi)
Edyta Wolny-Abouelwafa
Pride in History – Particularly Pharaonic – in Contemporary
Egyptian Songs as a part of Shaping National Identity
Malwina Wojtala
The Presence of Egypt in Pop Culture
Ewa Machut-Mendecka
Images of Cities and Villages in Egyptian Cinema (Demonstrated by the Example of Film Adaptations)
Sebastian Gadomski
Past and Present in Dāliyā Basyūnī’s Drama Sūlītīr (Solitaire)
Michal Moch
The Question of Women in Islam According to Naṣr Abū Zayd