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International Bibliography of Comparative Religion in Dictionary Order

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ISBN: 83-233-0029-1
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Tadeusz Margul, International Bibliography of Comparative Religion in Dictionary Order, Jagiellonian University Press, Krakow 1984

This International Bibliography of Comparative Religion in Dictionary Order appears as the result of bibliographical research running on the margin of the author's scholar work done in his mother university Maria Curie-Sklodowska at Lublin. The beginning of this labour reaches to the fifties. There were two main motives to start this tiresome, ungrateful and modest, but so useful a task. The first is my own library-cum-bibliography practice when having my three-years-long scholarship in the Central Library of University Maria Curie-Sktodowska in 1949-51, enriched by the exploration of the excellent religiological collections of the second Lublin University, Catholic University of Lublin.
My second motive consists of my scholar scope, i.e. the quite new in Poland academic discipline - comparative religion. The librarian's Practice provided me the method and workshop, the skillness in finding the directories as well as the drill in the difficult art of bibliography. -And when the author looked round over the Polish comparative religion he became clearly aware of our backwardness in this field. In such a situation it has seemed that only the labour from the very base was indispensible. For the scholar it means to build up the workshop, to gather the directories and to keep the contact with international trends. The basic bibliography of any particular discipline belongs just to such directories, being very useful either for the researcher's own work, or to completing the professional library and to writing monographs.

The dictionary order of sections is applied here and inside then the entries are organized after the increasing chronological order. Such an order dispenses the work from a long discussion conceraing the logical interrelationship of sections and lets to find out easily the most interesting bibliographical parts. The increasing chronological order inside each section presents the adequate picture' of the evolution of the religiological part in question, the latest works being the last, and renders the private continuation easy. According to the so forced postulate to keep all single author's entries together in alphabetical catalogues, there is made soae break in chronological order so as the works of one author enclosed in the same section are mainly put together and the place of all this part is fixed according to the date of his earliest publication. Nevertheless, there happen some deviations from the rule when the additional author's items were added at the very last moment. As a rule the full title is presented - i.e. the main title and subtitle eventually added. Then are included the-more interesting re-editions and the more important renderings as well. If the title of translation is rendered completely similar to the original one the note is restricted to the publisher and place, otherwise the full title of translation uses to be presented here. The material is divided into 59 sections.