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Nubian Voices II, New Texts and Studies on Christian Nubian Culture

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ISBN: 978-83-938425-7-5
Description: hardback, 334 pp. (24x17cm)
Condition: new
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Adam Lajtar, Grzegorz Ochala, Jacques van der Vliet (edd.), Nubian Voices II, New Texts and Studies on Christian Nubian Culture, JJP Supplement vol. 27, Warsaw 2015

The continuation of the 2011 volume entitled Nubian Voices: Studies in Christian Nubian Culture brings sixteen new contributions by an international team of specialists in literary culture of the Middle Nile Valley. In these articles, the reader will find both editions of the so far unpublished written sources from Nubia and Upper Egypt, reeditions and reinterpretations of long-known texts, and essays on Christian Nubian culture based on the study of its literary production. The contents of the book may be of interest not only for scholars specialising in Nubian studies but also for those interested in the Christian East in general: a Syriacist will find here the edition of a Syriac ostrakon from Qasr Ibrim, an Arabist a study and edition of Copto-Arabic scalae, a Greek epigraphist the edition of several funerary stelae, a linguist studies on the grammar of Old Nubian language, and many more.