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Old Hieratic Palaeography I, Builder's Inscriptions and Mason's Marks from Saqqara and Abusir

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ISBN: 978-80-7308-387-8
Description: paperback, xxx + 73 pp. (30x21cm), palaeographic tables
Condition: new
Weight: 325g.

Vassil Dobrev, Miroslav Verner, Hana Vymazalova, Old Hieratic Palaeography I,  Builder's Inscriptions and Mason's Marks from Saqqara and Abusir, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Prague 2011

The volume presents a palaeographic study of the old hieratic inscriptions that were found on the blocks of stone masonry of the Old Kingdom tombs in the Saqqara and Abusir necropolis. The study includes the previously published material, above all from the Czech excavations in Abusir and the French work in Saqqara. In addition to that, also some yet unpublished inscriptions discovered in the recent years, were included into the study.

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