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Studies in the Final Palaeolithic Settlement of the Great European Plain

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ISBN: 978-83-89959-85-0
Description: hardcover, 208 pp. (30,5x21,5cm), drawings, maps
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Studies in the Final Palaeolithic Settlement of the Great European Plain, Ed. by M. Kobusiewicz and J. Kabacinski, Poznan 2007

Boleslaw Ginter, Marta Poltowicz
Magdalenian settlement in Poland before the Bolling oscillation
Jacek Kabacinski, Michal Kobusiewicz
Kragola near Kolo (Central Poland) - the easternmost settlement of Hamburgian Culture
Thomas Terberger, Harald Lubke
Between East and West - Hamburgian in Northeastern Germany?
Jan Michal Burdukiewicz, Adam Szynkiewicz and Malgorzata Malkiewicz
Paleoenvironmental setting of the Late Paleolithic sites in Kopanica Valley
Romuald Schild, Halina Krolik, Andrzej Jacek Tomaszewski, Elzbieta Ciepielewska
Sociotopographic patterning of Rydno as seen after nearly a centennial of exploration
Tomasz Plonka
Late Paleolithic settlement in the western reaches of the Gorzow Dale
L'ubomira Kaminska
The Final Paleolithic in Slovakia
Tadeusz Galinski
My own excavations and discoveries of Final Paleolithic assemblages on the European Plain
Lou Schmitt
The West Swedish Hensbacka from an anthropological point of view and recent developments concerning the final drainage of the Baltic Ice Lake.
Viola T. Dobosi
On the edges of the plains
Aleksei N. Sorokin
The Final Paleolithic of central Russia: Problem and Solution
Zofia Sulgostowska
Ochre among the Mazovian societies
Witold Migal
On preferential points of the Final Paleolithic in the Central European Lowland
Hogne Jungner, Ligita Luksevica, Ervins Luksevics, Ilga Zagorska
Ancient reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in Latvia