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Studies on the Iranian World, vol 1, Before Islam

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ISBN: 978-83-233-3924-3
Description: softcover, 300 pp. (23,5x16 cm),  figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 505g.

Anna Krasnowolska, Renata Rusek-Kowalska (eds.), Studies on the Iranian World, vol 1, Before Islam, Jagiellonian University Press, Krakow 2015

The Iranian world (perceived not only as Iran, but the whole Persianspeaking and culturally “Persianate” area, including Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Tajikistan parts of Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent) is nowadays a sensitive region of the Middle East, and the focus of public opinion is on its political developments. But it should not be forgotten, that this is also a distinct cultural area with an extremely rich and complex history, with a mosaic of ethnic and religious groups, with ancient languages and dialects, with wonderful and sophisticated literatures, with not only fascinating ancient beliefs and traditions, but also amazing dynamics of modern change combined with an uninterrupted continuation. The Iranian past and present still reveal unknown, surprising aspects, opening up prospects for new research. Without knowledge of its cultural background with all its richness and complexity, the understanding of the contemporary Iranian world would not be possible.

Anna Krasnowolska, Renata Rusek-Kowalska
Maria Carmela Benvenuto, Flavia Pompeo
The Old Persian Genitive. A Study of a Syncretic Case
Saloumeh Gholami
Nominal Compound Strategies in Middle Iranian Languages
Paolo Ognibene
Alan Place-names in Western Europe
Christiane Reck
Work in Progress: The Catalogue of the Buddhist Sogdian Fragments of the Berlin Turfan Collection
Arash Zeini
Preliminary Remarks on Middle Persian ‹nc› in the Pahlavi Documents
Elham Afzalian
Autoritäten im Mādayān-ī Hazār Dādestān
Iris Colditz
Two Snake-Brothers on Their Way – Mani’s Scriptures as a Source of Manichaean Central Asian Parables?
Seyyedeh Fatemeh Musavi
Fictional Structure of the Middle Persian Ayādgār ī Zarērān
Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst
Aspects of Hymnology in the Manichaean Community in Turfan
Raffaella Frascarelli
Arǝdvī Sūrā Anāhitā: Considerations on the Greek ἀρχἡ
Judith Josephson
Ohrmazd’s Plan for Creation according to Book Three of the Denkard
Götz König
The Pahlavi Translation of Yašt 3
Kianoosh Rezania
On the Old Iranian Social Space and Its Relation to the Time Ordering System
Touraj Daryaee
Wahrām Čōbīn the Rebel General and the Militarization of the Sasanian Empire
Leonardo Gregoratti
A Tale of Two Great Kings: Artabanus and Vologaeses
Rika Gyselen
Realia for Sasanian History: Mint Networks
Elena E. Kuzmina
New Data on the Development of the Indo-Iranians in the Bronze Age
Alireza Askari Chaverdi, Pierfrancesco Callieri
In Search of the Elusive Town of Persepolis
Julian Bogdani, Luca Colliva, Sven Stefano Tilia
The Citadel of Erbil. The Italian Archaeological and Topographic Activities
Carlo G. Cereti, Gianfilippo Terribili, Alessandro Tilia
Pāikūlī in Its Geographical Context
Niccolò Manassero
New Sealings from Old Nisa
Vito Messina, Jafar Mehr Kian
The Hong-e Azhdar Parthian Rock Relief Reconsidered