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Textile Production and the Social Importance of Women in the Neolithic

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ISBN: 978-83-935130-3-1
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Marie-Lorraine Pipes, Janusz Kruk, Sarunas Milisauskas, Textile Production and the Social Importance of Women in the Neolithic, IAE PAN, Krakow 2019

The purpose of this book is to present the results of texttile production artifact analysis from Funnel Beaker (FB),Lublin-Volynian (L-V), and Funnel-Beaker-Baden (FB-B) occupations at Bronocice, approximately from 3900 BC to 2900/2800 BC. Numerous textile production artifacts, spindle whorls, loom weights and spools, were recovered during the 1974-1978 excavations conducted by the State University of New York and Polish Academy of Sciences.

CHAPTER 1. The Social Fabric of Bronocice
CHAPTER 2. The Social Importance of Clothes
CHAPTER 3. The Evidence for Fiber and Textile Production
CHAPTER 4. Interpreting the Archaeological Context
CHAPTER 5. The Weavers
CHAPTER 6. The Economic and Social Importance of Textile Production
APPENDIX A. Summary of Fiber and Textile Assemblages, Measurements and Weights of Sampled Specimens
APPENDIX B. A Visual Archive of Fiber and Textile Production Tools by Structure and Associated Pits
APPENDIX C. Depositional Units, Structures and Associated Pits and Features
APPENDIX D. Flint and Textile Production Tools from the Plowzone and Surface Areas A and B