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The Greek World in the 4th and 3rd Centuries BC

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ISBN: 978-83-233-3483-5
Description: 178 pages (24x17 cm)
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The Greek World in the 4th and 3rd Centuries BC, edited by Edward Dabrowa, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2012

Eran Almagor, Ctesias and the Importance of His Writings Revisited
Emma M.M. Aston, Thessaly and Macedon at Delphi
Bogdan Burliga, The Importance of the Hoplite Army in Aeneas Tacticus’ Polis
Tomasz Grabowski, The Ptolemies versus the Achaean and Aetolian Leagues in the 250s–220s BC
Denver Graninger, Documentary Contexts for the ‘Pistiros Inscription’
P.J. Rhodes, The Alleged Failure of Athens in the Fourth Century
Jacek Rzepka, How Many Companions did Philip II have?
Sławomir Sprawski, Remarks on Aristotle’s Thettalon politeia
Ryszard Tokarczuk, Internal Politics in Syracuse, 330–317 BC
Everett L. Wheeler, Notes on a Stratagem of Iphicrates in Polyaenus and Leo Tactica
Federicomaria Muccioli, La testa mozza di Crasso (Plut., Crass. 32–33)
A proposito di un libro recente sulla battaglia di Carre