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Prehistoric Contacts of Kuiavian Communities with other European Peoples

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ISBN: 83-233-0333-9
Description: softcover (24x17 cm), 291 pp.; plans, maps, drawings
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Archaeologia Interregionalis, Prehistoric Contacts of Kuiavian Communities with other European Peoples, ed. by A. Cofta-Broniewska, Warsaw University 1989

Barbara Stolpiak: Methodological Problems in the Study of Contacts between Prehistoric Communities
Aleksandra Cofta-Broniewska: Methodology of Regional Studies in Kuiavia
Lucyna Domanska: Cultural Development of Kuiavian Communities in the Late Mesolithic
Janusz K. Kozlowski: Problems of Interregional Connections of Kuiavia in the Neolithic
Lech Czerniak: External Factors in Cultural Development of Kuiavian Communities during the Early and Middle Neolithic
Lucyna Domanska: Reception of Little Poland Flint Raw Material by Kuiavian Communities of the Band Tradition
Danuta Prinke: Middle Neolithic Beginnings of Funnel Beaker Culture Syncretization ih Kuiavia
Andrzej Prinke, Roman Rachmajda: Reception of Little Pollsh-Volhynian Secondary Raw Materials in Flint Industry of Phases I-IIIa of the Funnel Beaker Culture in Kuiavia
Aleksander Kosko: Cultural Development of Kuiavian Communities during the Late Neolithic and the Neolithic-Bronze Age Interstage in the Aspect of Exogenous Culture-Forming Pattern Reception
Janusz Czebreszuk: The ,,Forest"- East European Cultural Component in the Development of Decline Neolithic Kuiavian Communities
Janusz Czebreszuk: Influence of Carpathian Valley Communities on Cultural Integration in Kuiavia in the Period BB-BD
Zdzislaw Hensel: Bronze Production in Kuiavia. Preliminary analyses
Barbara Stolpiak: Glass in the Culture of Przeworsk Communities in Kuiavia. Technology
Aleksandra Cofta-Broniewska: Sacral Features of the Krusza Zamkowe Group of the PrzeworsK Culture (From studies ol the symbolic culture of prehistoric Kuiavian communities)