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The Hasmoneans and their State. A Study in History, Ideology, and the Institutions

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ISBN: 978-83-233-2837-7
Description: softcover, 229 pp. (24x17 cm), map
Condition: new
Weight: 505g.




Edward Dabrowa, The Hasmoneans and their State. A Study in History, Ideology, and the Institutions, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2010

Part I: Judea under the Hasmoneans (167-63 BCE)
1. Mattathias and Judah: In Defense of the Ancestors' Religion
2. Jonathan and Simon: A Strategy for Independence
3. John Hyrcanus: Securing Independence and the Rise of Expansionist Policy
4. Hasmonean Kings
Part II: The Institutions of the Hasmonean State
I. The Ruler
1. The Royal Priesthood or the Priestly Monarchy
2. The Priesthood
3. The Kingship
4. Succession
5. The Royal Family
6. The Court
7. The Capital City
8. The Palace and the Boris
9. Propaganda and Self-Presentation
A. Individual Propaganda
a) Self-Presentation
b) Coinage
B. Dynastic Propaganda
II. The State
1. Local Administration
2. Finances
3. Army
Part III: Society
1. Judean Society during Hasmonean Rule
2. The Hasmoneans and their Critics
3. Social Attitudes Toward the Hasmoneans
Index of Personal Names
Index of Place Names
Index of Ancient Sources



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