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Ex Oriente Lux, Studies in Honour of Jolanta Mlynarczyk

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ISBN: 978-83-235-4099-1
Description: hardback, 447 pp. (30x22 cm), phots., drawings
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Ex Oriente Lux, Studies in Honour of Jolanta Mlynarczyk, ed. by K. Jakubiak, A. Lajtar, Warsaw University Press, Warsaw 2020

A commemorative book in honour of professor Jolanta Młynarczyk, a long-time worker of the Institute of Archaeology at Warsaw University, a distinguished scholar, whose main fields of study were the archaeology of the Middle East in the Hellenistic-Roman and Byzantine periods and ceramics. The articles written by the outstanding Polish and foreign archaeologists and collected in the volume concern Egypt, Cyprus and the Levant.

Barbara Tkaczow, Plateia, Pedion, “Canopic Street”: Archeological evidence of the main street of ancient Alexandria
Barbara Lichocka, Trois monnaies « isiaques » de Kôm el-Dikka à Alexandrie (saisons de fouilles 1963–2006)
Pascale Ballet, Figurines, sites et contextes dans l’Égypte gréco-romaine. Études de cas provinciaux: de Tell el-Herr à Bouto
Karol Myśliwiec, More about the Dionysian thiasos in Ptolemaic Athribis (Lower Egypt)
Anna Południkiewicz, Braziers from Athribis (Nile Delta)
Iwona Zych, Empress and African: Two female images on terracotta oil lamps from the Red Sea port ofBerenike
Adam Łukaszewicz, Horus and Seth revisited. An incident on the Nile described by a Roman poet
Nancy Serwint, A Nubian Lady in Cyprus
Claire Balandier, Nea Paphos, fondation chypriote ou lagide ? Nouvelles considérations sur la genèse du port et de la ville
Yannick Vernet, ~ e evolution of the religious topography of Paphos under the reign of Nikokles
Monika Rekowska, In search of Ptolemaic palaces.
Eustathios Raptou, Amphore cinéraire peinte hellenistique de Palaepaphos
Demetrios Michaelides, A fragment of a royal oinochoe from Nea Paphos
John Lund, “Centuries of Darkness” revisited: Another look at the archaeological evidence from Cyprus, between ca. AD 150 and AD 350
Adam Łajtar, Inscriptions discovered during the work of the Polish archaeological mission in Kato (Nea) Paphos
Marek T. Olszewski, Les ~gures de rhétorique et l’antithèse dans la narration allégorique de la mosaïque de la Maison d’Aiôn à Paphos (Chypre)
Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka, ΤΑ ΚΥΠΡΙΑΚA. Collection of Cypriot antiquities in the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology in Cracow
Martha K. Risser, Rachel Ben-Dov, Ragna Stidsing, Jane C. Skinner, Michal Artzy and Ann E. Killebrew, A Phoenician bearded male mask from Tel Akko
Urszula Wicenciak, Hellenistic vessels from the Phoenician sanctuary in Chhim (Central Lebanon)
Krzysztof Jakubiak, ~e Roman temple in Chhim, Lebanon: ~e architectural decoration of the façade
Jean-Baptiste Humbert, Quelques coroplasties de Palestine aux motifs de combats
François Villeneuve, Khirbet Sara (Jordan, 1983)
Julia Burdajewicz, Wall paintings, wall mosaics, and marble wall revetments in Early Christian churches of the southern Levant
Chaim Ben David, Mechael Osband, ~e Byzantine and Early-Islamic periods at Deir Aziz: A methodo logical question of period identi~ cation between survey and excavation
Mariusz Burdajewicz, Some remarks on the architectural decoration of the North-West Church at Hippos (Susita)
Piotr Makowski, Liturgy a~ er an earthquake. ~e reduction of sacral space of churches in the cities of Jund al-Urdunn
Ina Kehrberg-Ostrasz, Moulds and mould-made ceramics from the Jarash hippodrome potters’ workshops
Anna de Vincenz, A clay tobacco pipe from Ramla
Jean-Michel de Tarragon, Rivages de la mer Morte : photographies inédites, ~n 1908 – début 1909

Roksana Chowaniec, “Are you eating all this, Mister Marcus?” Towards a study of ancient Sicilian food products and diet
Maria Jaworska, Oil lamps attributed to the Gamos workshop found in Ptolemais, Cyrenaica
Piotr Dyczek, Rhizon – capital of the Illyrian kingdom – some remarks
Marcin Matera, Tomasz Scholl, Hellenistic housing in Western Tanais