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Osteoarthritis in Past Human Populations, An anthropological Perspective

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ISBN: 9788323231240
Description: softcover, 255 pages (23,5x17), figs., tables
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Anna Myszka, Osteoarthritis in Past Human Populations, An anthropological Perspective, UAM, Poznan 2016

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common pathological condition of the joints identified in past human populations. Although OA lesions are common and easily observable in skeletal materials their interpretation presents some problems to anthropologists. This is due to still unclear etiology of the condition, inconsistent study results obtained for skeletal populations and observed discrepancies between these results and available medical data. The aim of this   study is to investigate the factors (such as age, sex, reconstructed body mass, body height, massiveness of skeleton and physical activity manifested in entheseal morphology) that could have an effect on the formation of degenerative joint lesions in past human populations. This is of great importance for the proper assessment of these pathological changes and for their correct interpretation in the context of biology and ecology of skeletal populations (in reconstruction of their lifestyle, biological condition and state of health).