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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. LI (2021)

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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. LI (2021), ed. by T. Derda, A. Lajtar, J. Urbanik, Warsaw 2021

Joshua Allbright
The rhetoric of aikia in petitions from Roman Egypt
Grażyna Ba ̨kowska & Adam Łajtar
ΜΕΓΑ ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΣΑΡΑΠΙΣ: An inscribed bronze ring from Marina el-Alamein
Lucia C. Colella
Riedizione del verbale di apertura di testamento latino conservato in P. Berol. inv. 7124 = ChLAX 412
Federica Nicolardi
Vocabulary and practices of manumission in a fragment of the Life of Philonides (P. Herc. 1044)
Joanna Wegner
Monks and monasteries in Egypt between household and estate. A case study from Bawit
Ewa Wipszycka
What can the lives of saints tell us about history? The case of the Coptic Life of Aaron
Marzena Wojtczak
How to become a monastic superior? Legal and mundane sine qua nons
Uri Yiftach
Olim tradita fuerunt? On the obsoleteness of the sollemnia verba in Inst. 3.15pr.