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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XLVII (2017)

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The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, vol. XLVII (2017), ed. by T. Derda, A. Lajtar, J. Urbanik, Warsaw 2017

In memoriam Jozef Meleze Modrzejewski        
Jozef Meleze Modrzejewski Encomium papyrologiae
In memoriam Tomasz Gorecki
Serena Ammirati & Marco Fressura
Towards a typology of ancient bilingual glossaries:
Palaeography, bibliology, and codicology
Constantinos Balamoshev
The Jews of Oxyrhynchos address the strategos of the nome:
An early fourth-century document
Anne Boud’hors
The Coptic ostraca of the Theban hermitage MMA 1152. 1. Letters
(O. Gurna Gorecki 12-68)
Ake Engsheden & Andreas Winkler
Three Coptic letters in the Museum Gustavianum
Epiphanius, apa Viktor, cattle husbandry.
Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei
A dance for a princess: The legends on a painting in room 5
of the Southwest Annex of the Monastery on Kom H in Dongola
Lothar Thüngen
Zwei Fragmente frühbyzantinischer Rechtsliteratur aus Hermupolis Magna.
Neuedition von P. Berol. Inv. Nr. 16976 und 16977.
Teil 2. Neuedition von P. 16976,kurze Texte aus dem 5. Jh. über unterschiedliche Rechtsfragen
Jacques van der Vleit & Klaas A. Worp
A fifth Nubian funerary stela from the Bankes Collection.
An addendum to CIEN 3, 26-29