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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 6, 2010

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Description: paperback, 229 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), figs.
Condition: very good
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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 6, 2010, ed. H. Paner and S. Jakobielski, Gdansk Archaeological Museum, Gdansk 2010

Andrzej Blazynski
Ethnographic Research in the Sudan: Past, Present and Future
Przemyslaw Bobrowski, Maciej Jordeczka, Dagmara Manka, Halina Krolik, Romuald Schild and Fred Wendorf

The Combined Prehistoric Expedition in Nubia, 2003-2008
Marek Chlodnicki
Archaeological Research between Es-Sadda and Shemkhiya 2005-2006
Daniel Gazda
Excavations at the Monastery Church on Kom H at Old Dongola: 2002/3-2006.
George A. Herbst, Agata Sander & Gina Coulthard
Reconnaissance of Neolithic Sites at the Third Cataract: Report from the 2005 Field Season
Stefan Jakobielski
The Holy Trinity Monastery in Old Dongola. Excavation 2002/2003-2006
Elzbieta Kolosowska
A Cemetery Site at El-'Ashamin Village in the Fourth Nile Cataract Region
Malgorzata Martens- Czarnecka
Byzantine Models in Nubian Iconography
Malgorzata Martens-Czarnecka
New Iconographical Elements in Old Dongola Painting.
Marta Osypinska
Animal Remains in Post-Meroitic Tumuli
Marta Osypinska
Domestic Animals from Christian Makuria
Piotr Osypinski
A Corpus of Lithic Raw Material from the Inventories of the Fourth Cataract
Henryk Paner
TheHaraz Fortress
Aleksandra Pudlo
Human Skeletal Remains Recovered from the GAME Concession in the Fourth Cataract Region
Slawomir Szafranski
The Beginnings of Polish African Studies
Marcin Was
New Palaeolithic Materials from Upper Nubia (Sudan): Results of Excavation at Site HP732